McKinsey reports that 47% of the work week is spent managing e-mail, looking for information and tracking down colleagues.

An Argument for Collaboration…

Inspiration without collaboration produces great ideas that evaporate into the ether.

Sales is a team sport. Sales people need to gather team members and resources from all parts of the organization in order to be successful. Being able to identify and coordinate experts, find content and share best practices are essential skills that can mean the difference between winning and losing. Too often, sales people struggle with where to turn. As part of an effective enablement strategy, Viasu helps organizations bring together the best resources, harvest their knowledge and distribute it broadly to get everyone focused on the common goal.


Find Information and Experts

While sales people often have a broad understanding of the products and solutions that they sell, they typically lack in-depth, technical knowledge to address all of the questions a customer may have. In-house experts, with specialized knowledge and skills, can be invaluable, but often sales people don't know they exist. This inability to tap into expertise means problems go unsolved, new ideas never get imagined and employees feel under-utilized and under-appreciated. Viasu provides solutions to help connect sales with the resources needed to improve the chances for success.


Focus Resources

Organizations today are forced to operate in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing global marketplace. Regardless of size or stature, organizational success depends largely on the ability to focus on top priorities and align your people to do the same. Viasu offers collaborative solutions that allow organizations to draw upon a knowledge base by taking advantage of tools and skill sets unique to each individual. Collaboration helps form new relationships, establish new audiences, and in substantially improve outcomes Collaboration equals a happier workforce, and a better educated one.


Encourage Teamwork

Viasu believes in the power of collaboration. Our goal is to help teams work together effortlessly. Collaboration is the key to success in virtually every situation. It allows you to focus on specific elements of the process, and brings a fresh set of eyes to a project. In virtually all collaborative projects, new ideas and perspectives lead to something unique. We strive to improve the productivity and increase the output of every team effort by bringing diverse backgrounds and skills to the table in order to break down silos and tackle problems.