According to the CMO Council, sales people consider up to 90% of marketing-generated collateral useless.

Content is King…

Content helps you tell your story and is the representation of your brand to potential buyers.

Material that is hard to find or out-of-date forces your teams to spend time recreating content, rather than to courting customers, growing relationships or increasing sales. Your best practices, key concepts and organizational memory is captured in your content. Viasu solutions help organize and unlock this knowledge and put it in the hands of your sales teams at the point of need.


Promote Learning

Readying sales people for success in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging marketplace requires continuous knowledge and skills acquisition. Quality content is a key factor in how quickly you’re able to educate your sales teams, adapt to changing market conditions and optimize outcomes with prospective buyers. Successful learning requires a continuous process of updating content, generating new content, and clearing the way for new content to flow from multiple sources. At Viasu, our goal is to make it easy for your sales people to find, share and leverage fresh content to promote continuous learning.


Ease Discovery

Those tasked with content development strive to create material that is engaging and valuable to sales teams. Unfortunately those development efforts can be squandered if the material can not be found, or has no feedback mechanism to measure its effectiveness. Building a distribution strategy into content development efforts is key to driving information discovery and content value. Viasu works with sales teams and content producers to develop effective strategies to simplify access to information and allow content creators to achieve new levels of relevance and credibility with their audiences.


Captivate the Audience

Death by Powerpoint is a common refrain by sales people. For many organizations their enablement plan is a never ending stream of product related Powerpoint decks presented at a week long bootcamp or sales kick-off meeting. While product information can be useful it is by no means effective sales enablement program. Content increasingly needs to be focused on engaging the information consumer. Who is the audience? What are they like? Why are they engaging with you? What keeps them up at night? How can you solve their problem? What do you want them to do? How might they resist? How can you best reach them? At Viasu we seek to create content that helps your sales teams address those questions. We strive to help lower performers learn how to behave more like higher ones, and for new sales people to quickly understand where to focus their time to be more productive. We help develop content that is meaningful to both your sales teams and their customers.