Industry analysts routinely report that more than 50% of CRM Implementations fail to meet expectations.

Isn't it time you got more from your investment?

CRM Process Review (CPR)

Breathe new life into your CRM programs with CPR from Viasu. Most poor CRM implementations are overly complex, lack clear expectations and suffer from poor executive commitment. CPR from Viasu is designed to address these fundamental issues and turn your CRM program into valuable asset rather than a source of frustration.

360 Degree Visibility

Centralized Customer information.


Improved Sales Effectiveness.

Forecast & Reporting

Measured Business Health.

CRM Process Review (CPR)

We evaluate fifteen (15) factors across three (3) dimensions to simplify your CRM deployment and get it returning more value.


  • Customer Profile
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Lead Management
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Collateral, Offers, Sales Tools


  • Sales Process/Opportunity Management
  • Partner Development
  • Pricing, Quotes, Proposals
  • Customer Success/References
  • Real Time Information/Forecasting


  • Order Management
  • Rapid Resolution
  • Customer Engagement/Account Management
  • 360 Degree View
  • Up-sell/Cross-sell

Better Resource Utilization

Increased Forecast Accuracy

Improved Customer Experience

Successfully Implemented CRM Programs Drive Real Benefits.

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