Get the right information to your sales people, at the right time.

It's that simple. It's that complex

Our Story

The Viasu story is a simple one. After 20+ years of selling for organizations large and small (e.g. Xerox, SAP, Andersen Consulting, Siebel), it became readily apparent that few organizations are equipped to effectively ramp-up new resources and ensure their on-going learning. After a welcome aboard, and a week long bootcamp, sales people, and partners, are left to their own devices to figure out a set of tools and materials that will help them sell. It is a scenario that we experienced first hand, again and again.

Caught between information overload and a complete lack of useful information, most sales people turn to building, re-tooling and compiling a bag of tools to help them sell more effectively. The successful ones are able to compile a "bag of tricks" and an internal support network to help them through. We did. Unfortunately, this is a time consuming process that slows time to productivity.

There must be a better way...
What if we could mimic the practices of the most successful reps in a company, and make those resources available to entire sales teams and partner communities? What if we could remove the burden of compiling and distributing this information? What if we could get immediate feedback from the field about what is working and not? The impact could be dramatic: faster on-boarding, shorter sales cycles, higher quota attainment, faster growth, better participation, lower churn and happier customers.

An idea was born. Welcome to Viasu!