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Our Story

We’re passionate about building better sales organizations

The Viasu story is a simple one. After 20+ years of direct sales and sales management in organizations large and small (e.g. Xerox, SAP, Andersen Consulting, Siebel, NetSuite), it became readily apparent that few organizations do a good job of equipping sales teams for success.

Most outline a rudimentary strategy, provide a few tools and templates and offer some form of on-boarding training.   With that, sellers are left to their own devices to figure out a strategy, develop the tools to be effective and ultimately determine what works to get business done.

Unfortunately, this leads to 6 months (or more) of trial and error and limited productivity as sales teams ramp-up.  Leadership and reps alike get frustrated with the lack of productivity and consistency, and the cycle of churn begins.   It is a scenario that we’ve experienced first hand, again and again.

The top performers do what they do –  they figure it out.  Through trial and error they develop a “bag of tricks”, understand the value they can deliver and build an internal support network to help them succeed. We did.  Over the years that “bag of tricks” became more codified, and we decided that framework could help the world create better sales organizations.

An idea was born. Welcome to Viasu!